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By using cutting-edge technology, we create user friendly and highly transparent investment tools. signa.land will be your crypto co-pilot in the journey to financial freedom.

Supported exchanges

    • Binance
    • Bybit

One seamless experience.

Investment, research, and awareness: you will find all it takes to be a better investor.

Nothing is more effective than good information or a bright idea. In our editorial section, you will find only original content full of insights to increase your curiosity and awareness of finance.

Why do people choose signa.land?

Simplicity, transparency, friendly and efficient support.

    • I'm fairly new to crypto trading but the signa.land team guided me through my first steps and is always available to address any issue.

      Kiki L.
      Blockchain developer
    • Even if you are not too experienced in trading you can set up your bots easily and use strategies that perform very well in all market conditions!

      Agostino C.
      De-Fi and NFT expert
    • I've been using signa.land for over a year now and coming in as a newbie I found it extremely safe, transparent and easy to use.

      Leticia P.
      Crypto investor since 2018
    • Despite the adverse market conditions, signa.land strategies emerged as the most efficient, allowing me a better return on my capital.

      Fulvio M.
      Professional trader

Different tools, endless possibilities.

Dollars, euros, or crypto: grow your assets without the stress of timing the market.


Long island

Turn panic into profit. A fully automated trading experience in all market conditions, you won't be able to do without it.


Short on the beach

The only strategy that dominates market euphoria automatically increasing the value of your crypto portfolio.


Long tonic

A giant step for your profits: you will get the impression that live traders generate the signals you receive.


Short colada

Ruthlessly attacks the market. Exploit excessive euphoria with a cool head: it is impossible to replicate this strategy manually.

Investing has never been easier.

Operate seamlessly on thousands of crypto markets fully automatically.


Build your trading experience from a solid foundation.


  • 2 basic strategy streams
  • signa.land execution engine for basic strategies
  • Signals & PnL notifications on Telegram
  • Unlimited access to news and research
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Boost your operations with unlimited basic streams and VIP strategies.


  • Unlimited basic strategy streams
  • Access to 1 VIP strategy
  • signa.land execution engine for VIP strategies
  • VIP support
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Frequently asked questions

If you do not find the answer you are looking for, you can ask for support by writing to support@signa.land.

    • How does automatic trading work?

      Signa.land utilizes automated trading techniques, transforming tried-and-true strategies into algorithms that scan the cryptocurrency market and provide buy and sell signals. Direct execution of trades occurs within users' portfolios via the exchange's API.

    • What are the supported exchanges?

      signa.land currently supports Binance for all Basic plan strategies and Bybit for VIP strategies. It is strictly necessary to have a personal account on these exchanges to use the different trading strategies offered by signa.land.

    • How much capital do I need to start?

      By accessing the internal area, you will find indications regarding the minimum suggested portfolio for each strategy offered. With dedicated support from the yearly plan, you can receive practical help to apply the right products to your portfolio.

    • How are the signals executed?

      To execute our strategies, we exploit our unique internal execution engine, ensuring extreme effectiveness and accuracy. In addition, all users can receive their signals on Telegram.

    • Can signa.land take my money?

      No, the exchange keeps the funds on the user's account, and we can't move it. signa.land only delivers signals executed through the exchange API and is in no way able to transfer assets owned by the user.

    • Do I need to be an expert to trade with signa.land?

      No, our strategies work completely independently once configured. We go to great lengths to make the trading experience as simple as possible. In any case, we recommend you understand the risks involved in trading and carefully consider how much capital you are willing to risk. The Learn area will help to dispel any doubts.

    • Are profits guaranteed?

      We generate the results shown through the proprietary backtesting engine that accurately reproduces reality (more information is inside the website). Future performance depends on market trends. Having tested our strategies over extensive time intervals, we are confident that the results are statistically consistent with past performance, but we cannot guarantee how well they will perform.

    • What are the supported payment methods?

      We currently accept USDT (Tether) payments through the Tron Chain (TRX) network. You can pay directly from your wallet or exchange in minutes. The prices shown do not include transaction fees.

    • I would like to know more...

      You can write to support to schedule a call to introduce the products and consider a possible purchase of the plan best suited to your needs. We are proud to showcase the technologies used to develop our service. Transparency is the value that accompanies everything we do.